Getting Personal – Technology & Me

As a mid-90s baby, technology has had a very big role throughout my life. I can honestly say I’m am technology-dependent, although I know that that is not entirely a good thing. As a child, my interaction with it was simple, an hour on the computer, I was lucky, and the rest of my free time spent watching TV or playing on my gameboy (among other things). I got my first phone in grade 7, but I don’t believe that I really grew to rely on my phone until after high school. Before then, life was largely divided between at school or not at school, so phones weren’t too crucial. The internet, however is a different story. I think that I’ve been using the internet regularly since grade ten. 

My life after high school saw an increase in my dependence on these things. Phones helped me entertain myself on lunch breaks when I was bored, and ensure my transport arrangements. My TV at home stopped working, and instead of fixing it my family took to the internet for entertainment, so I didn’t have that to distract me. The internet and my smart phone are now parts of my everyday life, used regularly throughout the day. I know how reliant I am, as my data wasn’t working on my phone the other day, and I found myself experiencing some social media-induced angst (Drexler, 2013) from lack of being able to check my Facebook.

I don’t dislike how technology impacts my life. Although I know new communication technologies can have a negative impact, they also have a very positive impact and I can appreciate that. I’ve attached a video that’s a little out of date, but the facts about how we use social media are still true. I find it especially fascinating because it’s from roughly the time that I joined facebook.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think,


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Meeting me

Hey guys! I’m Emily, and through this blog I’m going to try and really delve into the topics introduced in my university course New Communication Technologies.

But before I get to all that, here’s a little info about me: I’m an 18 year old second year psychology student at Griffith University, and also work for a clothing store near where I live. Recent year have spark my interest in cosplay, fashion, and creative expression, which lead to a brief dabble in decoupage, (which can be super fun!), as well as a dawning interest in comic books and role playing games, as sparked by most of my high school and university friend.

I’ll be honest, this blog is a requirement for my elective subject, but I want to seize it as an opportunity to try a new medium. At least this way I have to post every week, I can’t just tell myself ‘it’s not ready, it doesn’t sound right’! I’m also new to wordpress, but if you want further explanation on any of my future posts, or simply have a question, feel free to ask and I’ll try to give the best response I can.

I look forward to talking soon,